Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Girl with the Curl (in the Middle of Her Forehead)

Twirling my luscious brown (graying) locks is my girliest habit to date. I walk with dumpy posture. It's a miracle if I ever remember to close my legs while standing or sitting. But I constantly touch my hair.

Is that a good thing? Attractive or irksome? Probably the latter, but finger-combing my hair is me meditating, de-toxing, or whatever those body-health-paranoid kids are doing these days. I twirl and twirl my little graying curl (in the middle of my forehead).


  1. "It's a miracle if I ever remember to close my legs..." totally cracked me up, because I DO THE SAME THING! I am constantly sitting like a belching, hairy, beer-drinkin' man lounging on the couch lazily cheering on his favorite football team; Never quite learned how to be ladylike.

  2. Ladylike shmadylike, whatmeworry, because of it, you have a story.